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Product name : Coal Binder
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Briquette adhesive 
Smoke-free lump coal is the necessary blocky material for chemical industry, calcium carbide, metallurgy industry to produce, but the price is high because of wider application. So we can process the anthracite powder which’s price is lower than lump coal to briquette instead of anthracite lump coal, It’s the best way for the chemical industry, calcium carbide, metallurgical industry to reduce consumption, increase economic benefit. Therefore, Henan Yuanzheng cooperates with Kaifeng clean coal chemical industry research institute to develop and produce anthracite coal forming adhesive. The product has been widely used in coal, calcium carbide, chemical, gas, etc. 
1. Features 
This product, copolymerization of polymers with non-metallic materials, is a kind of multi-hydroxyl carboxylic acid sodium salt, white and gray solid powder. The performance of bonding, complexation, chelation, flocculation and colloid chemistry is good. Applicable to produce briquette with anthracite coal for gas making. 
2. Advantages
⑴ The adhesive is suitable for anthracite coal and bitumite to produce briquette in chemical industry, gas making and civil.
⑵ Room temperature production, without heating, without coal tar, adding directly the binder in proportion to coal, then mixing with water is ok. 
⑶ Adding amount is 3-4%, molding rate is 95%, wet ball can not be smashed falling 2 meters high, natural dryness or drying is ok, the strength of each dry ball is 80 kg, high temperature resistant. 
3. Production technology 
Cold briquetting process, mix pulverized coal with binder and stir well, molding, drying (drying in sun or drying in oven). 
4. storage 
Products are packed in plastic knitted package of 25kg each, non-toxic, non-flammable and explosive, but pay attention to moisture, rain.

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