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Product name : Coke powder binder
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Coke powder binder
Coke powder binder is the energy-saving and environment-friendly product of Henan Yuanzheng. the coke powder is processed into pellets to instead of coke. It’s the best way for metallurgy and chemical industry to save energy and reduce pollution. Welcome by domestic and foreign customers.
Coke powder binder has the following characteristics:
1. The binder is generated by chemical reaction of polymers. The bonding, complexation, flocculation and colloidal chemistry is good. Especially suitable for coke powder to process coke powder balls, which are used in metallurgy, chemical industry.
2. One ton of coke powder binder can produce 20-25 tons of coke powder ball. per ton of coke powder add binder 40kg. coke powder and adhesive is mixed uniformly, processed to briquette, dried.
3. Use this adhesive, the granulation rate of pellet is 98%. Wet pellet can not be smashed dropping 2 meters high, the strength of each pellet is 1000 N.
4. Products are packed in plastic knitted package of 25kg each, non-toxic, non-flammable and explosive, but pay attention to moisture, rain.
Special instructions:
Our experimental shop,equipped with briquetting press, granulating machine, hydraulic machines, coal rods machine and other equipments; more than ten kinds of binders. Welcome customers at home and abroad to experiment with provided materials and visit.

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