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Product name : Fluorite powder binder
Item : 2013122233956
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Fluorite powder binder
Fluorite powder binder is the energy-saving product of Henan yuanzheng. To product fluorite particles using the adhesive as the smelting of raw material, not only makes the best use of the fluorite resource, but also has these advantages: furnace charge stability, permeability, improve product quality, eliminate hidden dangers, clean production ,etc.

Fluorite powder binder has the following characteristics:
1. Fluorite powder binder is white solid powder, polymer material formed by chemical reaction. Non-toxic, non corrosive. 1 tons of Fluorite powder binder produce 30-40 tons of fluorite particles, besides, the fluorite grade is not decline; The formation rate of fluorite particles was 98%. Particle can not be smashed falling 2 meters, the strength of each particle is 1000N.
2. Products are packed in plastic knitted package of 25kg each, non-toxic, non-flammable, but pay attention to moisture, rain.

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