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Product name : Petroleum coke, graphite powder pellet binder
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Petroleum coke powder binder
Petroleum coke powder binder is the energy-saving and environment-friendly product of Henan Yuanzheng .  Using this adhesive to manufacture petroleum coke and graphite carbon particles as the smelting of raw material, there are many advantages: making full use of petroleum coke graphite resources, high strength, stable performance, burden permeability, improving product quality, clean production, etc. It applies to producing carburant, barbecue carbon rod with the semicoke powder, coke powder, petroleum coke powder, graphite powder, carbon powder.
Petroleum coke powder binder has the following characteristics:
1. Petroleum coke powder binder is white solid powder, made of polymer material by chemical reaction. Non-toxic, non-corrosive. 1 tons of petroleum coke powder binder can produce 50 tons of petroleum coke or graphite particles. The formation rate of petroleum coke powder pellet is 98%, appearance of particle is uniformly bright and strength is high. The product does not increase ash, don't reduce the material grade and has strong adhesion, highshapingrate.
2. Products are packed in plastic knitted package of 25kg each, non-toxic, non-flammable and explosive, but pay attention to moisture, rain.

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Petroleum coke, graphite powder pellet binder
Petroleum coke, graphite powder pellet binder