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Product name : Sintered pellet binder
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Sintered pellet binder
At present, most of iron and steel enterprises use bentonite as binder to produce pellets, but bentonite make the pellets quality decrease, the pellet plants incur enormous economic loss. so Henan yuanzheng develop the high strength organic sintered pellet binder, which apply a variety of mineral raw material ,return fines and ferriferous silt to mold, thus meeting Sintering plant strict demands for iron ore powder, solving sintered pellets quality decline and high energy consumption.

Sintered pellet binder has the following characteristics:
1. This adhesive is a white solid powder, generated by chemical reactions of polymer materials. Non-toxic, non-corrosive. 1 ton of dry powder adhesive can produce 200 tons of sintered pellet , fully participates in combustion, no residue, does not reduce the grade of pellets;
2. Compared with bentonite, the binder has excellent adhesion, forming fast. wet pellets are uniformly bright, pellets are high anti-press strength, shorten sintering time, metallurgical performance good, reduce foundry return rate, improve pellet ore grade, decrease energy consumption..
3. Products are packed in plastic knitted package of 25kg each, non-toxic, non-flammable and explosive, but pay attention to moisture, rain.

Special instructions:
Our experimental shop,equipped with briquetting press, granulating machine, hydraulic machines, coal rods machine and other equipments; more than ten kinds of binders. Welcome customers at home and abroad to experiment with provided materials and visit.

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