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Application of pellet binder in steel industry
    As the production of steel began to increase in our country, demand for burden propose higher requirement, large-scale iron and steel enterprises pay attention to reasonable burden structure more and more. Mineral resources is growing increasingly tense, the iron content is up to 40% in second iron resources (sintering dedust、blast-furnace dedust、oxidized scale), some companies use these iron-containing dusts to sintering again, but it is difficult to  be taked shape with ordinary binder, qulity of sintering ore and breathability can not meet application demands for blast furnace, if stored in spoil area, environment is polluted, resource is wasted. How to improve resource utilization, optimze burden structure, enhance metallurgical property of pellet、reuse iron-containing dusts to realize good cycle development?
  Henan Yuanzheng has focused on research of pellet binder for many years, products has been sold well at home and abroad. The binder is made from polymers, pellets produced with the binder, strength is high, dosage is low, so producers can save cost greatly、realize reuse、increase resource utilization and metallurgical property.