Henan Yuanzheng Metallurgy Technology Co. ,Ltd.

Client shall know
 1, commissioned service. I commissioned research unit material molding technology programs and formulas, require the requester to provide raw materials and materials index, according to my unit to study the nature and requirements of the material, formulation optimization;
2, the construction program. According to customer requirements for construction design services, ancillary equipment; according to customer requirements to provide high quality, inexpensive models molding equipment production lines;
3, scientific experimentation. Our company is equipped with pressure ball machine, disc granulator, cylindrical molded into rods and testing laboratory facilities, available to customers to bring to trial all kinds of powder or pellets of various processing blocks;
4, the adhesive cured product. Company products are iron ore powder, chromium ore, silicon carbide powder, rock phosphate, manganese ore and manganese dust, powder steel slag, dust ash and pulverized coal, coke powder, blue toner emissions molding curing adhesive, economizer synergists, metallurgical additives and other products. Customers can then decide to purchase the product in accordance with the test sample cases;
5, free service. Our experimental base to test, learn, free testing, training and other costs; adhesive 5 tons of customers to buy my company can learn about pellet production, the adhesive application methods, etc; later adhesive 5 tons more customers can invite our engineer technical guidance, the customer does not bear the guidance fees, tickets, tickets and other travel expenses (except overseas).
Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd. Henan expedition solemn reminder:
Currently on the market adhesive was mixed, under various names, remember to shop around, low prices and descriptions may be exaggerated false information, please buyers cautious, to guard against fraud.
Prices for the same quality, the same quality and price! !