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GY briquette binder binder can produce 30-50 tons --1 tons of pellets
   According to the characteristics of different regions of a number of coal and coal resources, coal production in the bar and other difficult problems arise, we successfully developed a series of patented technology briquette binder.
   Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd. Henan expedition GY type briquette binder is a combination of chemical raw materials made through a complex chemical reaction, which is characterized by: a large water content of the pulverized without   drying, directly proportional to coal, bond forming agent can be mixed;
   GY type adhesive can be processed per ton of coal briquette 30-50 tons. Forming rate of 95-98%, wet bulb 2 meters whereabouts lingers, cold briquette strength of 80kg / a, thermal stability up to 90%, the natural cure.
   GY type briquette adhesive applied to Datong, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, bituminous coal, lignite and anthracite, coal briquette production and industrial boilers; gas coal, fertilizer and coal, lime kiln with coal.
   GY type briquette adhesive won the national invention patent and the Henan Provincial Government Science and Technology Progress Award.