Henan Yuanzheng Metallurgy Technology Co. ,Ltd.

Henan Yuanzheng, The Piolt in the field of pellet binder
    Henan Yuanzheng Metallurgy Technology Co., Ltd, keeping to high starting point、high standard and specifications, developed series of binder products of briquette coal、pellet、barbecue charcoal and etc with self-developed leading technology. It's the industry leader of the country in scale and varieties.
  Binder, the vital technology of briquette coal、pellet and barbecue charcoal, play a key role in product quality. Dozens of companies produce binder in our country, but because the R&D is weak, the technique is backward, not only poor quality and low characteristics but also less function, specially there is serious problems in thermo strength、thermal stability and watertightness, the quality of briquette coal、barbecue charcoal is dufficult to be approved by  customer, that severely impacts industrial development of briquette coal、pellet、barbecue charcoal. SO Yuanzheng with strong R&D and advanced technology research blinders which will take advantage to producers of briquette coal、pellet、barbecue charcoal.
   Relative experts analyse and point out that few varieties and poor quality of the blinders in our country at present hinder the development of industry in
briquette coal、pellet、active carbon and barbecue charcoal, special for significant new energy—— cleaning coal. The series of products of Henan Yuanzheng will give a major boost to the industry of briquette coal and barbecue charcoal, bright great economic efficiency and ecological benefit.