Henan Yuanzheng Metallurgy Technology Co. ,Ltd.

Henan expedition focused on research and development production Pellet Binder
     Henan expedition produced composite binder can be used for all types of coal quality, production process is simple, not subject to seasonal restrictions, free retting, the provincial capital, provincial venues, the provincial workers, the provincial maintenance, high hot strength, high ash melting point, high activity and low residual carbon content of ash, sulfur capture more than 40%, the thermal stability of more than 80%. Product neutral, non-corrosive, low addition ratio and low production cost.
     Henan expedition since inception, the company always insist on quality first, the credibility of the first principle, with a number of smelters, coal produced stable quality, very effective, very satisfied with the manufacturers. It is made with coal instead of chemicals, fertilizers, glass, ceramics and so on industry increasingly tense lump. From all indicators, the use of our production of composite binder produced coal index, on behalf of the domestic industry's highest level of high-tech products.