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Henan expedition silicon carbide Pellet Binder Project Success
 Silicon carbide (SiC) based on quartz sand, petroleum coke, coke, anthracite, wood chips and salt as raw materials, smelting furnace by high temperature resistance. Currently, most companies use raw material silicon carbide powder directly into the furnace smelting, resulting in poor ventilation, C and SiO2 reaction incomplete and so on. But a lot of meticulous quartz sand, carbon black feedstock production requirements and not as a result of the charge into the furnace, it will be processed into a powder into the furnace smelting pellets, but the raw material silicon carbide powder forming impurities need not increase as many enterprises seek binder aims. To this end, Kaifeng City Clean Coal Chemical Research Institute through three years of development, the success of a high-viscosity study, no residue of silicon carbide powder pellet binders, enterprise applications by more than good results.
   The silicon carbide pellet binder is a white polymer material is refined, the raw material for silicon carbide has a strong affinity for binding function, improve the mix of hydrophilic, the amount of only 1%, as the ball rate of 98% , without increasing the impurity. Its characteristics are:
1, wide adaptability: The binder is particularly suitable for easy molding of silicon carbide powder, and applies to iron ore fines, chromium ore, manganese ore, phosphate rock, copper, nickel and other cold-ore pellet production, without Direct smelting sintering;
2, the use of low-grade silicon carbide as raw material, high-quality steel processing agent obtained after a ball, with stable to maintain the quality of steel, grain refinement of steel, clear the role of harmful impurities in the molten steel, molten steel casting temperature is high, the amount of provincial, good slab quality, unit-deoxy-cost ratio of ferrosilicon low.
3, easy to use: in proportion to the raw material, a binder, water mixing can be molded, one ton can produce 100 tons of pellets;
4, performance: forming rate of 98%, wet bulb 2 meters whereabouts lingers, natural drying or drying may, strength 100kg / goals or more, energy-saving, reduce dust, quality does not decrease;
5, product specifications varied, massive, ball can be, and the size, fragmentation can be adjusted according to user productivity, help users select the appropriate granularity smelting.
    The success of the silicon carbide pellet binder for the silicon carbide burden structure optimized to address the charge air permeability, so that C and SiO2 in the reaction is complete, reduce production costs, saving the best way to reduce emissions.