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Iron ore powder pellet binder performance and advantages
 Iron ore powder pellet binder in recent years introduced a new charge, because of his use of the production process has a very environmentally friendly energy-saving features, so now widely used in the steel and ferroalloy enterprises instead of lump ore for smelting.
Metallurgical pellet preparation is an integral part of Chinese metallurgical processes, it is not only possible to improve the physical and chemical properties of metallurgical boring, or an important way to achieve resource utilization of industrial solid waste and recycling economy.
Iron ore powder pellet binder in the performance of a variety of characteristics. Iron ore powder pellet binder is a polymer material and a variety of chemical raw materials polymerization of compound formed by the Henan Province Analysis and Testing Center for testing, after iron and steel enterprise technology center identification, pellet product reach into the furnace application requirements, which now has an adhesive applied to the metallurgical industry which slag forming block made of raw materials. Cold pellets prepared now widely used in blast furnaces, direct reduction furnace charge.
Iron ore powder pellet binder easy to use, as long as the proportion of the raw materials, adhesives, curing water mixing can be molded. Excellent performance, forming rate, energy saving, reduce dust, quality does not drop, welcomed the new and old customers to come to consult.