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Iron powder binder - A New Burden
    Iron powder pellet binder in recent years new a new charge, once launched, it was welcomed by several pellet plant. Iron powder pellet binder in the production process is very eco-friendly features. In a number of countries have built a large supply smelting plant use. China in the eighties began cold research and application of solid pellets, used in a variety of areas. Metallurgical pellet is an important part of the metallurgical smelting, not only can make the physical and chemical properties of materials has improved, is still an important way to achieve the utilization of industrial solid waste and recycling economy. Cold-forming technology can not only improve the performance of combustion or reaction, during the reaction, can also join the desulfurization agent, greatly reducing the emission of pollutants, the environment plays an important role. Therefore, the cold pellets technology is energy-saving, environmental protection and an important way to make use of waste resources, for which the company proposed series cold-pellet binder.
    Iron powder pellet binder is made from a polymer material configuration has good hydrophilic redox properties, not just applicable to the present metallurgical industry of various ore raw materials forming granulation , it is also suitable for ferrous dust waste molding granulation, sintering plant now solve the raw material iron ore fines grade demanding. Widely used in the processing of various materials, including iron ores, manganese ore other powder, refractories, coke, coal and all kinds of dust.