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Metallurgical pellet binder
 According to statistics, China's metallurgical industry in the production process, will be accompanied for this year about ten million tons of iron resources than at present, the majority of enterprises to dust, you deal is scrapyard accumulation, external processing, both on the environment pollution, waste of resources and now, some of the companies with the sintering, but appears in the sintering process of dosing is difficult, relatively poor adhesion properties, difficult to mold, reduce the sintering capacity. Mineral performance decline, crimes against sintering and smelting, dust pollution increase, and so some of the problems.
   Henan expedition in order to improve resource utilization, optimize the structure of blast furnace, dust gray molding and solve difficult issues such as the use of, these studies put the focus for the metallurgical industry, after years of research, research and development of series of cold-pellet binder products, carried iron ore powder pellets, chromium ore pellets, pellets and other carbon-containing slag forming adhesive products according to customer needs.
   Workers using cold forming process, the slag, dust, dust and mud After testing, ingredients, adding the right amount of binder, mixing, granulating or after cold forming process, you can use a dry place.