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Slag Binder - Henan expedition
     Very versatile binder, the binder reportedly the world's average annual sales growth of 5%, which is the fastest growing region in the Far East and Latin American developing countries, China is expected to grow next year production will remain at binder 11% or more. At present, China's adhesive industry has formed a relatively complete system of categories.
     Binder slag processing area is an important use of slag forming, especially powder cold-forming, there are different classifications from different angles, a main component by substance category classification. Henan Kaifeng expedition and Clean Coal Chemical Research Institute for many years, were one hundred domestic and foreign application results are obvious, and achieved good demonstration effect, science and technology projects in the expedition won numerous awards, national invention patents, Jinqiao Science and Technology Award, the National invention Award, Henan Science and Technology progress Award and so on, welcome to the needs of users to experiment with the material.