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The method of purification sludge from steelmaking coarse particles of iron powder
Recently, I received a lot of questions about the steelmaking iron purification sludge, in order to more clearly answer some questions just entering the industry people, especially our Technical Department summary of the method of purification of iron, hope can help to you.
     The method of purification sludge from steelmaking iron coarse particles, covering the steel industry for coarse particles steelmaking sludge method is effective recycling.
     Now for the problem steelmaking sludge coarse particles of metallic iron has not been effective utilization of the magnetic separation process successively including; milling; gravity separation; drying; screening; fine reduction; broken harmony grant process and the like.
Successfully separated from the steelmaking sludge out MFe≥90%, TFe≥96% of iron, and then after further processing fine reduction can be obtained TFe≥98% of welding iron with other aspects of the greatly improved BOF sludge utilization value of coarse particles.
The purification process for the production of our company added binder, does not give them any effect on the process of purification or harmful substances, the most important is not to increase the phosphorus and sulfur.
According to the information I received, the process to develop the steelmaking sludge coarse field of use, the current through industrial test and production, is a small investment, short process, low cost, good production of iron powder Chuangxiao method.