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Toner added Lan cheap treatment technology 10 times
 Toner added Lan cheap treatment technology 10 times
  Introducing clean coal Kaifeng: blue toner production of environmentally friendly charcoal barbecue
About how to produce charcoal, which is a long-standing topic directly carbonized wood into charcoal from ancient times to keep them warm, life there is charcoal, a charcoal grill that since the 1990s the wood chips, sawdust rods, carbonization production charcoal, we call the mechanism of carbon; in recent years, due to the charcoal industry in the production process can not handle large amounts of woody charcoal, charcoal powder to make charcoal has become a hot topic in the industry to explore, charcoal rod having high strength, can not afford powder, smokeless tasteless, resistant to combustion characteristics of the common market and customer needs. At present, except for a few using charcoal powder and binder production mechanism charcoal market basic recognition, most charcoal barbecue charcoal production occurs intensity difference, dusting, smell, burning impatience, easy to collapse furnace and other problems, with the state protection of the environment, prohibit trees, sawdust and other raw materials has become increasingly scarce after logging, coupled with the ban carbonization kiln, resulting charcoal industry, small-scale production, the market tight, expensive charcoal grill. So, how to solve the shortage of raw materials charcoal, affordable, to charcoal carbon indexes become charcoal manufacturers of raw materials primary problem.
To solve these problems, Henan expedition Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd. Kaifeng City Clean Coal Chemical Research Institute in cooperation with the Henan University, carried out the organizational structure of charcoal and charcoal powder blue, aspects, chemical properties, combustion properties, forming characteristics, application areas, a large number of research, experimental work, capturing the blue toner forming hard, non-flammable, odor of weight, and can only be used as a bottleneck industry charge, raw materials, research and development with coke powder, blue carbon powder as raw material, no carbonation, cold forming technology "blue charcoal barbecue charcoal powder molding technology, blue toner molding curing adhesive technology" so cheap by-product coke plant to process into high-grade green barbecue supplies for charcoal enterprises to solve the worries of insufficient supply of raw materials, thereby only the end of a charcoal barbecue charcoal barbecue charcoal production as a raw material of history.
Especially the "blue toner forming the adhesive curing agent technology" to "the amount of small, strong bond, high strength, can not afford to powder, no increase in ash, high calorific value; forming carbide particles uniformly bright, burning smokeless, odorless, does not burst, resistance to burning, de-ashing good "and other characteristics, widely used in anthracite, blue and charcoal, charcoal briquette powder production industry, reducing agents, environmental protection burning barbecue charcoal and other products. Currently, the blue toner forming the adhesive curing agent Be prepared charcoal barbecue charcoal processing industry product of choice. And large exports to South Korea, Japan, Europe and other countries.
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