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What do you should to know before choosing the briquette binder?
    briquette technology promote greatly availability of coal and avoide waste. In general, the more addition of binder in coal power, the higher strength of briquette. from application effect and product cost, under the premise of ensuring quality, the less addition of binder, the more economic benefit. the addition is descied in accordance with the type and character of coal态model of binder, some coals own themselves cohesiveness, so the addition can decrease appropriately, the addition of briquette is 3-5%. According to customer's material sample, we will make proportion tests for many times态provide the best proportion plan and the most reasonable addition to ensure quality of briquette态strive for bigger economic efficiency for customers怂
   coal resource is limitedļ¼Œcoal industry have to persist in the course of sustainable developmentļ¼Œwhich means to increase availability of coal resource态protect earth and air from pollution under the premise of ensuring to provide abundant态 high-class and clean coal态coal products怂Briquette technology in coal industry  is the important ingredient of the course of sustainable development in the future怂
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