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Why build pellet plant currently is a necessary requirement for sustainable development of enterprises
       Most of the distribution of iron and steel enterprises in the capital and large cities nearby, sintering production emits large amounts of waste and dust, it has become a dirty city
Dye source, and the pellet plant built in the added value of mining products, and enhance market competitiveness, it is very conducive to the stability and long-term development of the mine.
       In the case of price and quality is very similar, can replace some of the imported ore and iron ore powder pellets fast, greatly reducing the cost of smelting, will help to improve the sintering
Technical and economic indicators and reduce the dust pollution now, greatly improving the quality of blast furnace sinter. Mine production and rational use of imported concentrate, can significantly reduce the sintering
so2 amount of dust and plant efflux.
       Sinter is not suitable for long-distance transport, iron ore pellets not only to avoid pollution, and easy to transport, with each as an energy source.
       Rational use of iron ore powder pellet ratio is an effective way of saving energy blast.
       Therefore, China's current steel industry actively promote the scientific development concept has a very important practical significance.
       Henan expedition has many years of research experience in iron ore / iron pellet binder, and a variety of patents in pellet binder aspect, users need to have these aspects
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