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Yuanzheng formcoke binder, 1 ton of the binder can produce 21 ton of formcoke
   Characteristics using Yuanzheng GY formcoke binder to produce  pellet formcoke of coke powder in advanced low-pressure forming process:
1. Easy to use: directly mix coke powder with coke powder binder in proportion, 1 ton of binder can produce 21 ton of coke powder pellets.
2. Excellent performance: ,the ratio of briquetting is 95%-98%, wet pellet can not be smashed dropping 2 meters high, air dry or dry, the strength of each dried pellet is more 100kg, high temperature resistance of 1000℃, various chemical constitutions, high chemical reactivity.
  formcoke binder is used widly: apply to producing pellet with coke、semi-coke powder, apply to iron making in small blast furnace; instead of some cokes in  metallurgical、chemical、gas and other industries to be extensively used.