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Product name : Lignite binder
Item : 20131124145537
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Type coal caking agent 

Is a smoke-free lump coal chemical industry, calcium carbide, metallurgy industry to produce the necessary block material, is widely used because of the market, large amount, but in production application of anthracite, remaining market sale price differ with lump coal is bigger, so using the fine anthracite coal processing molding instead of lump coal use, is the chemical industry, calcium carbide, metallurgical industry, the best way to reduce consumption, increasing earnings and practicing economy. Therefore, henan expedition and kaifeng clean coal chemical industry research institute cooperation development and production of anthracite coal forming adhesive products. The product has been widely used in coal, calcium carbide, chemical, gas, etc. 

One, the product features 

This product in a variety of polymer compounds and non-metallic materials through chemical reaction copolymerization and become, is a kind of hydroxyl, carboxylic acid sodium salt, appearance for white and gray solid powder. Has a good bonding, complexation, chelation, flocculation and colloid chemistry performance. Applicable to anthracite coal production type gasification of coal. 

Second, the advantages of the binder type coal 

1, the adhesive is suitable for anthracite coal chemical industry, coal gasification type production; Civil anthracite and bituminous coal, 

2, room temperature production, without heating, without coal tar, coal tar, don't need to pile up, directly in proportion to add the binder in coal water mixture gently molding; 

3, powder add 3-4%, a molding, molding rate is as high as 95%, wet ball fall 2 meters high, can be directly use after natural dryness or drying, dry strength after 80 kg/ball, high temperature resistant. 

Third, production technology 

Using cold press molding process, mix pulverized coal, cement compatibility, stirring, molding molding, drying (drying or air) can be applied. 

Four, storage 

This bag packaging, 25 kg net each. 50 kg per bag. This product non-toxic harmless, non inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, long-term storage is not bad, we should pay attention to the characteristic of moisture proof, prevent the rain. 

Five, the other instructions 

Our company is equipped with pressure ball machine, granulator, cylindrical shape, stick machine, testing equipment and more than 10 adhesive products, available to customers with a variety of powder processing various pellets or piece of sample to test. 



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