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Product name : Weakly caking coal binder
Item : 2013122143240
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Weakly caking coal binder
Weakly caking coal is a kind of bituminous coal from low to medium rank. which has high moisture content, weak adhesion, coal briquette is difficult. Henan Yuanzheng has solved the problem by successfully developing weakly caking coal binder.
Weakly caking coal binder has the following characteristics:
1. Weakly caking coal binder,Made from polymer materials through chemical reaction, is particularly suitable for weakly caking coal, brown coal to process pellets. One ton of binder can produce 20-30 tons of brown coal briquette,the molding rate is 98%. Briquette can not be smashed falling 2 meters, the compressive strength of each briquette is 70-100kg.
2. Products are packed in plastic knitted package of 25kg each, non-toxic, non-flammable

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