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Product name : Steel plant dust binder
Item : 201312404918
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Steel plant dust removal ash pellet binder
Iron containing dust and mud resources in steel mills (such as sintering dust, iron oxide scale, ore return, blast furnace dust, steelmaking converter sludge, etc.) are waste materials in the metallurgical industry, with an iron content of about 45%. Some steel mills dispose of dust and mud, while some enterprises recycle them as sintering raw materials. This simple and low technological recycling also generates waste of manual materials and energy consumption, resulting in repeated pollution and inevitably reducing production efficiency. To this end, a new material for dust solidification was developed based on the characteristics of steel plant dust removal, which is composed of nano modified resins, polymers, curing agents, crosslinking agents, and other materials. Improved the performance of dust removal ash that is not easy to solidify, enhanced the coagulation and solidification strength and high temperature resistance of dust removal ash, and broke through technical bottlenecks such as poor adaptability of traditional materials, low adhesion, easy pulverization of pellets, and lack of high temperature resistance. Innovative steel plant dust removal and solidification technology without sintering and drying has been developed, with a dust removal and solidification rate of up to 95%. It can be used after 1-2 days of storage. It has the characteristics of no need to dissolve dust, high forming rate, fast solidification, no pulverization in the later stage, high strength, and is used as a slag or coolant for steelmaking. The furnace layer has good permeability, stable operation, reduces dust collector load, and high recycling rate.

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