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Product name : Toner forming special adhesive
Item : 201661410153
Price : 5800yuan
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 The Toner Binder our company Kaifeng coal rank for bamboo charcoal powder, hardwood charcoal, coke powder, blue toner, stone
Toner and other carbon-containing powder molding difficult issues such as the latest development and production of a new type of binder. Use of polymer materials, oxidizers equalization
Workers composite materials. The binder manufactured using carbon rods, carbon pellets having a forming rate, strong adhesion, with less
Strength, heat resistance and other characteristics. Suitable for charcoal powder, hardwood charcoal, blue and charcoal barbecue charcoal processing.
First, the physical and chemical properties
1, the product composition: polymer composites, as a white powder; dry powder binder to produce one ton of the liquid binder 8-15
Tons and tons of liquid binder cost around $ 600;
2, the liquid nature: with stiffness and adhesion of white or slightly yellow colloidal fully participate in the combustion, no residual impurities.
Second, the application
1, by carbon particles: for petroleum coke powder, graphite powder and carbon black production of carbon agent.
2, charcoal stick: for charcoal powder, charcoal powder or carbon black production Garland with barbecue charcoal stick.
Third, for the carbon rods, coal and Features
1, by adding 10-40% of the raw material (generally for about 40% of charcoal powder, blue toner with addition of 30% charcoal powder,
For about 20% of semi-coke coke powder, depending on the amount of different materials to adjust the binder, first test);
2, above the mill wheel side installation liquid mixing tank, adjust the flow valve in material stirring, stir
Enter rods molding machine can be;
3, the product is strong adhesive, forming rate, high cold strength, can not afford to powder, without increasing the ash content, without reducing the carbon content; a
Type carbide particles uniformly bright, good heat resistance, even burning, smoke-free and tasteless, can not afford to powder, self-burning characteristics.
It can be used to produce a large number of export charcoal products.
4. A fine charcoal powder material, easy molding, high viscosity can be applied 0.5-1% better in charcoal powder.
The use of methods
Provide a dry powder binder for producing a liquid binder method can also be sent to my unit on-site guidance or learning. And does not provide
Charcoal grill with charcoal powder production methods
V., packaging and storage
Packing: 25kg woven bag, ex-factory price: 5800 yuan / ton. Note that anti-moisture, rain, avoid agglomeration;
This product is non-toxic, long-term storage is not bad. Preparation dedicated to barbecue charcoal accelerant, high viscosity curing agent 10 yuan per kilogram.
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